Decarbonising heat across Exeter

Accelerating the transition to a
net zero future

Energy Centre Public Consultation
Consultation open: 11 July – 1st August 2024

One centralised heat source
Multiple benefits

Simple to adopt Low-to-Zero Carbon (LZC) heating

Heat networks are cheaper than individual building heat pump solutions

Delivering a range of benefits to the community of Exeter and beyond

Benefits to the people of Exeter and beyond

Investment: We’re investing over £110m into Exeter’s net zero infrastructure – supporting the city’s leading role in the fight against climate change.

Carbon reduction: Over 13,000 tonnes of carbon emissions a year will be saved with a heat network.

Cleaner air: Improving air quality by reducing the use of fossil fuels to heat buildings. The more users switch, the greater the reduction in emissions of pollutants, making our air cleaner.

Boosting the local economy: High quality apprenticeships and jobs will be created in the supply-chain during the construction and operational phases, providing new skills in Exeter and the wider heat network industry.

Forward planning: Helping local organisations and businesses in Exeter achieve their net zero goals as they decarbonise their operations, knowing their energy costs are predictable and their supply is resilient.

Attracting business: Giving Exeter a secure, reliable local heating source makes it more attractive to employers and to inward investors, while keeping the costs of meeting sustainability requirements lower in Exeter than elsewhere.