Building a heat network requires us to work on parts of the highways network to install our underground pipes. We recognise any roadworks can be unwelcome so we’re working closely with Devon County Council Highways team to identify the best routes to minimise disruption. Once we have agreed the route we’ll publish details of any works well in advance and will be engaging with local residents and businesses to make sure they understand potential impacts and options to avoid delays.

The exact routes are still under consideration but we are looking to minimise disruption and hold ups as far as possible. The process involves trenching insulated pipes in the road which will require some traffic management. Details will be set out in a formal traffic management plan nearer the time.

Once the network is installed you won’t even notice it, and it will go on serving the city with low carbon heat for many years to come.


We expect to begin consulting on routes for the construction and publicising our plans in the coming months.

Construction will start later on in 2024, with an aim to supply heat to buildings in 2026.