Our company

1Energy is the leading independent developer of Low-to-Zero Carbon (LZC) heat networks in city centres throughout the UK. Our team members collectively have decades of experience in delivering and operating over 50 separate heat networks. 1Energy has secured £220 million pounds of funding to develop a series of LZC heat network projects across the UK.

Our joint venture

1Energy Group is a joint venture between the founders of 1Energy and Asper Investment Management. Our combined ambition is to contribute significantly to the UK’s net-zero objectives by developing, acquiring, building, and operating low to zero carbon district heating networks across the UK. To deliver on this Asper raised a dedicated UK district heating fund.

1Energy brings significant expertise in heat networks, energy service companies and the broader energy industry to this partnership, while Asper has market-leading expertise in investing in heat networks and other sustainable infrastructure.

To date Asper has invested in more than 100 renewable energy projects across Europe – including district heating, wind, solar and hydro, representing over 1GW of projects with a value in excess of €2.5Bn. Asper is one of Europe’s first energy infrastructure investment managers to have invested in sustainable heat networks. They made their first investments in 2014 and since then have made significant investments in this sector every year across Sweden, the Netherlands, the UK, and Ireland, with current commitments of ca €0.5Bn. Through its dedicated fund for UK district heating Asper has plans to invest £220m into heat network projects in the UK over the next 5-10 years, including more than £70 million in the initial phase of the Exeter Energy Network.

Exeter Energy Network

Exeter Energy Network (EEN) is the name of the Low-to-Zero Carbon (LZC) heat network being developed in central Exeter. Businesses and organisations will be able to connect to the EEN to decarbonise their heating, which will result in cleaner air because it will reduce the use of fossil fuels.

Exeter Energy Limited has been established to construct and operate the EEN. The network will deliver renewable heat from a single Energy Centre to the buildings in Exeter through underground pipes.

Exeter Energy Limited is backed by the 1Energy Group.

How we’re funded

The heat network in Exeter will be developed with a mix of private and public funds. Approximately 1/3rd of the investment will be from grant funding through the Green Heat Network Fund (GHNF), and 2/3rds from private investment, through our partners Asper Investment Management.

Asper is a specialist sustainable infrastructure investor.  It has supported several heat network businesses like the Bradford Energy Network, and the development of heat networks in both Sweden and the Netherlands. It is one of the largest private-sector investors in heat networks in Europe.  Asper plans to invest several hundred million pounds into heat network projects in the UK over the next 5-10 years, including more than £70 million into the initial phase of the Exeter Energy Network.

Our Projects

Collectively team members at 1Energy have experience of developing more than 50 heat networks, including the Bristol Heat Network and the Bradford Energy Network.

Large-scale heat networks are planned for Milton Keynes, Bradford, Rotherham and Exeter.

Bradford – a case study

1Energy has secured £20m of Green Heat Network Funding to construct and operate the Bradford Energy Network (BEN) – a heat network underway in Bradford. The BEN will initially connect to around 30 buildings across public and private sectors, with ambitions to grow steadily from this base.

Construction began in 2023 with a target of becoming fully operational in 2025.